BBB Reading Lists: Social Justice Edition

The purpose of this reading list: to get woke.

  1. The Communist Manifesto – Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels, Gareth Stedman Jones
  2. The Autobiography of Malcom X – Malcom X, Alex Haley
  3. Why We Can’t Wait – Martin Luther King Jr.
  4. Animal liberation – Peter singer
  5. Up From Slavery – Booker T. Washington
  6. Are Prisons Obsolete – Angela Y. Davis
  7. On Anarchism – Noam Chomsky
  8. Profit Over People: Neoliberalism and Global Order – Noam Chomsky
  9. The History of Sexuality – Michel Foucault
  10. Just Mercy: A Story of Justice and Redemption – Bryan Stevenson
  11. Evicted: Poverty and Profit in the American City  – Matthew Desmond
  12. Undoing Gender – Judith Butler
  13. Plunder: When the Rule of Law is Illegal – Laura Nader



Weekly Tunes: BBB14

it’s ok to be angry.



Weekly Tunes: BBB13

Mourning music for sad situations.





How to do a flight to Paris the right way

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I’ve flown to Paris more times than I can even count, but this is the first time I’ve been here in a couple of years, and my experience has proven to be very different than it usually is.

On this trip, I decided that I wanted to test out some tricks to make my flight the best it could possibly be, while minimizing jet lag and getting some beauty sleep. Here’s my advice.

  1. Take an Edible 

Ok, so this was 100% my first time taking an edible before a long flight, and I do have to say that I was a bit weary, considering a lot can go wrong with edibles. All I can say is that it depends. First of all, I took an edible that I’m very very used to taking, so I know exactly how much I need to feel fantastic, and I know exactly how I’ll feel too, instead of being surprised and then having an anxiety attack on the plane. Secondly, although I took a sativa edible (which energizes), I actually had a really great time experiencing all of the new sounds and feelings that being in a plane can bring. Many first recommendation would be to take an indica edible if your goal is to fall asleep on the plane, however. But if you do want to have the trippiest plane experience ever, take a sativa edible.

Also, I opted to take the edible about an hour before takeoff, and it ended up hitting about two hours after that, which came to my surprise as I was watching a movie. It hit me like absolutely out of nowhere. But damn was it fun.

2. Come prepped with sleeping supplies 

Planes are cold and uncomfortable places (if you’re flying in economy, which I’m assuming most of us do!) To make your 11 hour flight much more enjoyable, bring a few things in your carry-on:

3. If you’re over 18 and flying to Europe, you can drink on the plane.

When the flight attendants were bringing drinks down the aisles, I noticed two things. Firstly, the flight attendants were French. Secondly, they were passing out champagne. Through various mental processes that lasted much longer than they should have, I reasoned that since the flight attendants were French, they probably wouldn’t I.D. me, since the drinking age in France is basically nonexistent. Also, I figured that if I asked confidently, everything would be fine. And it was. I had multiple glasses of champagne during my flight, and it definitely helped me sleep 😉

4. Bring Snacks!

I’m vegan. Plane food is awful. Vegan plane food is even worse. So I always bring snacks in the form of protein bars and sushi rolls! Usually I’ll just make a Tupperware full of rice rolls and bring them on the plane, and I’m a happy camper. And everyone else will be über jealous!

5. If you can, try to travel as light as possible and avoid checking any bags!

This may seem obvious, but it’s probably my best piece of advice in terms of traveling. The Charles De Gaulle airport in Paris has the worst baggage claim situation, and it’s honestly just best to skip it, or your wasting precious time you could be spending outside of the airport and in fucking Paris. But this stands for any airport in the world. Bring a little carry-on suitcase and a backpack, and you’re fine. You don’t need 3 pairs of shoes and an entire bottle of hairspray. You’ll live.

Happy travels!

With love, from Paris ❤



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With love, from Paris. ❤




Paris, je t’adore.

Pictures of Paris I’ve taken thus far.

I’ve fallen absolutely and undeniably in love with this city.

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Weekly Tunes: BBB10

Being in love sucks sometimes. But sometimes it’s fucking beautiful.




Why dating as a millennial is really fucking awkward.


photo: Brianna.


I’m relatively new to this whole “dating” thing. In high school, I was oblivious and naïve, and had no interest in relationships or boys or anything besides school really. In the beginning of college, I dabbled here and there in meeting people and attempting to get to know them, but even then I was pretty clueless. And then I got into a serious relationship. But that wasn’t millennial dating. What ensued after that relationship was.


photo: Molly Goss.


What I realized very quickly as I jumped into the dating pool this year was that people don’t date exclusively. It’s pretty much expected that the person you’re seeing is also seeing three other girls and telling those three other girls exactly what he’s telling you. You’re competing with these women that you don’t even know. But at the same time, you’re seeing three other men who also may be seeing other women. There are so many people involved and so many fucking elephants in every single room that at a certain point, you don’t even know if exclusive relationships even exist anymore. Do they?

Exhibit A: (a strictly hypothetical situation). You’re seeing this great guy (boy 1) you met on tinder. You’ve been seeing him for a few months and have fun with each other, great sex, and an undeniable connection. But you’ve also just met this cutie (boy 2) who is brilliant, witty, intriguing, and way more dateable than boy 1. And on top of that, you’re still in love with a boy (boy 3) who lives on the other side of the world, but you realize that you’ll never be able to be together, so you just have to move on. Do you see the problem?

The thing is that you’re starting to have feelings for boy 1, and those feelings are reciprocated but unspoken. You’re unsure of whether or not the two of you are more than just “seeing each other casually”, and even if he’s sleeping with other people at the same time. You know that being with him in a relationship would be the worst idea in the world, but you’re drawn to him and you don’t know why. At the same time, you know that boy 2 would be an excellent partner. He is educated, has a similar upbringing, is particularly stylish, is charming af, and would be an excellent boy to bring home to the family. But boy 3 is always on your mind.

If anything proceeds with boy 1, what do you tell boy 2 and 3? Bye? Sorry, there was a competition between the three of you, and he won? What if the same happens with boy 2? Do you just tell boy 1 that, despite all of the time you’ve spent together, he doesn’t win the ending prize because he just wasn’t good enough? What about all those nights you’ve spent tracing his back and telling him how wonderful he is? What about that time you stayed up all night and talked about your deepest, darkest secrets? Do you just discount all of that because the other option was better?

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photo: Brianna.

I hate this. I hate the way we are expected to date as millennials. I hate that we have to see multiple people at the same time because the person you’re seeing is most likely seeing multiple people at once and to not conform is to be weak. Weakness. Vulnerability. We’re so fucking scared of letting people in and admitting that, yes we have feelings. I know I certainly have feelings, and if I were to find out that my special someone was kissing another girl and holding her hand in the streets just as he does with me, I would be absolutely wrecked. The thing is, he probably is. And he knows I am too. But we just don’t acknowledge it because we’re millennials and acknowledging things is blasphemous. We just have to pretend that we aren’t seeing anyone else and that everything is rosy.

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photo: Molly Goss.

Can’t we just go back to the old days? Let’s tell the world we’re going steady and tell each other that we are the only people in the world and kiss knowing that we aren’t kissing anyone else. Let’s tap into our emotions and teach ourselves emotional intelligence. Let’s understand that people have emotions and that it’s ok to have them. Let’s be human for once. Let’s not be so fucking awkward.

I’m done.



BBB in Los Angeles


The Blend gang is officially back in Los Angeles, and boy do we have fantastic plans for the rest of December and the beginning of January.

Next week we will be popping up all around LA putting up flyers for blend and sneaking stickers around the city. Keep a look out, and take some stickers while you’re at it.

We also want feedback! let us know what you want to see from us, and what you really like already. We’re just three Berkeley girls sharing what we love with the world, and we want nothing more than you to enjoy what we put out there.



2016 Reflections


This picture was taken on an outing to SF when we should have 


Christmas is rolling around, which means that the new year is upon us. And this means that it’s time for one of Brianna’s classic New Year’s reflections.

Here it goes. 2016 in a fucking nutshell. In bullet points. Without the negative shit. Because who the HECK has time for negative shit?

  • I fell in love with life.
  • I traveled the world! I went to Koh Samui, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Hawaii and had the most incredible experiences.
  • I became closer to my best friends and even made some new friends who are indescribably dear to me.
  • I started a blog with Gina and Molly and we love it more than we love our GPAs.
  • I discovered a newfound love for cycling. (during warmer months lol)
  • I’ve discovered SO much new music, and can’t even believe that I lived without it before.
  • I finished two semesters at UC Berkeley- that’s 8 classes and 2 sets of finals in a year. I don’t even know how many papers I had to write this year. I’m sure it’s a disgusting number.
  • I cut my luscious locks off! Now my hair dries in 30 minutes instead of 12 million Europa years.
  • I got a med card and have discovered the beauty of cannabis.
  • I tried Absinthe for the first time. I hate it lol.
  • I finished my freshman year of college and started my sophomore year. Pretty big deal, ok?
  • I have matured significantly since January of 2016. Though a year doesn’t seem like much, I feel like I’m an entirely different person now, and I’m all the better for it.
  • I have explored my sexuality and have become so much more confident in my own skin and so much more confident as a woman because of it.
  • I learned that Old Kanye is fucking amazing.
  • I’ve made a shit ton of dope art, and I will continue to do so until the day I die. tbh I’ll probably still make art when I’m dead.
  • I’ve gained so much more self-respect.
  • I moved into my first apartment with my two lovely housemates, Izzy and Gina.
  • I learned that heaters are very important during NorCal winters.
  • I blacked out for the first time!
  • I also streaked in the woods for the first time (whilst blacked out).
  • I got my first internship and got to do some pretty awesome things.
  • I finally figured out my eyebrows.
  • I took my first law classes! EXCITING!
  • I have learned that memes can be more effective than anti-depressants.
  • and that some people are just not worth my time.