We’ve made Protest Materials so you don’t have to!

Feel free to print these out and bring them to protests / hang them up on campus or around town / put them up on your walls or on your windows / hand them out to anyone wearing a MAGA hat.

{all designs by blend}.





I want so badly to be knowledgable, experienced, politically aware, worldly… and all of that sh*t

I’m so curious. I want to know about literally everything! I wish I could somehow acquire knowledge and experience infinitely quickly. I have always been this way and I love this about myself but it definitely does pose challenges for me.

I was the type of child to go through a million different phases and interests… my poor parents had to deal with this and I am eternally grateful for how well they did so. When I wanted to be a singer my parents sent me to singing lessons. When I wanted to be a pianist the signed me up for piano lessons. And guitar. And ballet. And theatre. And gymnastics. And soccer. And softball. When I wanted to be a scientist they, being the supportive parents they are, supplied me with the microscope I had been begging for. When I wanted to learn a new language, learn what it’s like to live in a new culture, and learn to be independent and create a network of friends and peers around me, they gave me this opportunity too! They sent me to Rome, Italy all by myself during high school… just as I had asked for.

Anyways… that’s all to say that I haven’t changed one bit. I am still curious and interested in just about EVERYTHING. I don’t know what I want to major in… because I want to choose all of the majors. I want to do pre-med, economics, business, legal studies, engineering, nutrition, political science, cognitive science, computer science, mathematics, integrative biology while simultaneously learning 3 different languages and joining  an investment club, the sailing team, the Effective Altruists club, trying to get in shape, stay updated on the news and have a social life… oh yeah and I want to get a part-time job too! Although I am very far from it, I want to be well-read and be able to discuss books that commonly come up in conversation. I even feel left out when people discuss TV shows they are following and feel that I need to keep with that part of “general knowledge” and watch popular shows to stay in the loop with that stuff.  Does anyone else feel this way? It’s such a struggle because I feel that if I am not learning all of these things and experiencing all of these things then I am not taking full advantage of the life and opportunities I have been given. I feel like I am missing out on everything and anything that I am not doing… which is most things. It’s just too much. There’s not enough time in life to do all of these things and be sane. I wonder all the time if being more efficient and wasting less time and taking less time to just talk to friends and relax would allow me to get more of these things done. I wonder to what extent it would be worth it. Who knows!

This all feeds into why I want to know about what’s going on in the world, know about different political views and understand where everyone is coming from and know the context of big topics and events. I want to be able to engage in conversation and understand what people are talking about and be able to contribute my own ideas too. I have for the longest time stayed away from engaging in particular conversations because I am insecure that my knowledge on whatever particular topic being discussed is too narrow. I always think:”they probably all know a lot more about this topic than I do so that’s probably the main reason I have a different opinion.” I don’t think I’ll ever get to the point where I am completely confident with how much I know because I will always feel that it is not enough, but I know that learning more about frequently conversed topics helps with this enormously.

I recently copied Brianna and downloaded the Apple News App on my phone and turned on the settings for notifications from some of the top news stations such as CNN, NY Times, Tim, Vox, The Washington Post, and even Fox News. I think it is very important to look at information from all sides because all news is biased. It is essentially impossible to learn what is going on in the world objectively. If you surround yourself with information that is already in conjunction with your bias you are not learning anything really. Is your intention just to convince yourself more of what what you already believe? Well that’s definitely not mine as I want to learn NEW things. It’s a lot easier to follow the track you have already been on and not look outside of what you already believe. It’s easy to not have to question your past views, but it’s much more rewarding and commendable to fully consider opposing beliefs and decide for yourself in this moment, not just going back to what “old you” would have felt, what your stance on any particular topic is.

I have found it incredibly helpful to read about what is going on in the world. I only recently, maybe just 3 or 4 days ago, notably increased how much I go out out of my way to read and/or listen to the news and have already recognized how big the return for this small investment is. For example, with the recent political events that have occurred at my school, UC Berkeley, I decided to read about everything that was happening and why people on the right felt the way they did and likewise with the left. In this particular instance,  Berkeley College Republicans invited an alt-right speaker, Milo Yiannopoulos, to speak at our school. Left supporters protested against this to show that they did not tolerate the Yiannopoulos’ ideas and the speech was eventually canceled. Although it was not typical of me, I really challenged myself to learn about the events and to fully understand the different points of view. Although it may seem like a small feat for most, I was proud of myself because I was completely able to understand the context and arguments of the many in-person and social media debates about the topic.

So am I crazy? Or do you want to know about everything too?




Go to the forest and get angry.

**Learn more about Trump’s USRAP here: (links provided by my Ethnic Studies professor at UC Berkeley**








Like I’ve said many times before, it’s ok to be angry. But when you’re angry, try and figure out how you can channel that anger into something productive and good.

I went to the forest today with a friend. I took in the vastness of everything and wondered how trees that beautiful and big could withstand all of the elements that have come against them. Resilience. Strength. Staying grounded. These are lessons I’ve learned from the trees today. From the little bugs we saw. From the streams that (finally) flow in the valley. From the moss that thrives on the Redwoods. They’ve been strong throughout it all, and that’s what we need to do moving forward.

With that being said, I want to make it clear that BBB is a space where you can feel safe and loved, and if you are in need of support or legal help or anything at all, know that you can feel free to email me (Brianna: bhd@berkeley.edu) and I will do the best I can to help you.

BBB has become a blossoming community of beautiful people, and I would like for all of us to support each other through all of this fucked up shit.

With love always,

Blend HQ. 


Let’s talk about sex.

source: Pinterest 

I’ve been meaning to say something about the recent inauguration for awhile now, but it’s difficult to muster up the courage to really express how I feel. And what better way to express myself than with pro-sex discourse?

The act of talking positively about sex is so important. Yet it still remains taboo, repressed by most people, and shunned by the government (at this point). Sex has always been part of our political agenda, because the people in power feel as though it’s their right to control how, when, and with whom we have sex with. And now we’re looking at a future where women have to worry about what happens after the fact. again. 

It seems as though we are moving through the past once more these days, except this time we are undoing and unravelling every single positive aspect of progressive history, reshaping our future for the worst. And all of these thoughts have come up because I’ve been reading Focault’s History of Sexuality, and I’ve realized how much the discourse (or lack thereof) surrounding sex is tremendously important to the kind of society we end up living in. Most of us have sex, enjoy it, and want to talk about it. It’s normal, natural, standard behavior. But the problem is that we’ve made talking about sex a kind of sin, a thing that liberals only seem to do, and something you’d never talk about with your mother. But I’m sure your mom has had sex. Like 99% sure.

But we need to start talking about sex! All kinds of sex! All people involved! The vanilla sex, the kinky, the weird, the sensual, the aggressive, the dominant, the submissive, the ménages à trois, the orgies, the love. Sex is what makes the world go round, and we’re too scared to scream about it in the streets and to really say what we want. No one is going to arrest you for saying penis too loudly. I promise. And if you do get arrested, that would honestly be hilarious.

So let’s scream about it in the streets, and tell Trump and Pence to go fuck themselves while we’re at it (I mean, we do all need a good fucking once in awhile).