Hello. Welcome. Welcome welcome welcome to the Big Blend Blog, a weird and friendly online space where three über cool vegan girls (+ some pals) living in Berkeley share their thoughts and lives with the world.

About Brianna:

Hi, I’m Brianna. I like memes, designing logos and things, being bossy, buying houseplants, eating pastries, going on bike rides with Gina, drinking coffee, organizing everything, meeting animals, making all situations awkward, and going out in public with oversized sweaters and no pants. 

About Molly:

hi i’m molly! i like to take pictures and code. Snapchat is my favorite social media. Often in denial, I like eating bell peppers like apples and listening to rap music. also not rap music. I like clothing a lot and making people happy. sometimes I wish I lived in an old movie but then I remember that I am a woman in STEM and have shit to do. i love romance and my family. especially my pets. my grandpa is my spirit animal.

About Gina:

Gina likes to be happy, laugh a lot, and doesn’t like her math homework. Gina likes most things. Gina likes to sail, likes to run, likes to bike, likes to travel, likes to eat, likes to be tagged in memes by Brianna, and is so much more unique than this bio. You’re welcome. 

**Contributing Authors: 

About Topher:

Just a small town kid living out the Queer dream in the Bay. I study Economics with the hopes of working for idk. Fave foods include papaya, peanut butter, and roasted garlic potatoes. Shoutout to my Pomeranian, Brody, for being the realest.